Sunday 11 January 2009

Western civilisation- i think it's a good idea

About to leave Carl and Marina in Austria after spending a lovely couple of days with them, their family and Kim and Jean who were suprise guests from Ireland. We are extremely greatful for the effort and time they took to look after us and particularly enjoyed the massive family meal at the parents' house after which i drove home because daddy had enjoyed the schnaps a little too much.

Today we travel to Dijon (yes, yes, we will bring to back some mustard) to have the big reveal of our trailer at the Erde Trailer factory tomorrow. still not entirely sure we will make it that far as wilma has been coughing the type of smoke not seen since 'the big flooding' in Mongolia and it does look a little like she is on fire for a good 5 minutes after we switch her on.

After Turkey we hit Bulgaria, Romania, Hungry, Germany and Austria.
We did try to go through Serbia and Croatia as that appeared to be the shortest route but Serbia is not on our green card and they wanted 100 euros for what would have been less than one day driving for the insurance. Daddy had his usual scene.
Tessie has had loads more stamps than we have and just going to the border of Serbia earned her a good 6 stamps. We then crossed the Danube to get into Romania on a little ferry with 6 lorries and us.

Looking forward to our return and i expect daddy i already dreaming of the special effects he can add to our 24hour photographic/ video slidshow. beds will be available.

Snow and ice endures. So cold.
Harry Potter audio books getting us through the cold days and nights in the car. they are now pretty much what i live for.


Unknown said...

Did you hear about the Tales of Beadle the Bard book that also came out this Christmas? Maybe the availability of that once you get back to the UK should keep you going instead.


metalmike said...

A very Belated Happy New Year to y'all!
Lost your blog address for a while but order has now been restored and your remaining escapades can once again be gleefully (probably) followed...

Joan said...

Glad you bumped into so many in austria. Marmalade ready here. See you soon. Love G XXXXXXXXX